The missing screenwriter Robert Hurley's story

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The missing screenwriter Robert Hurley's story

Robert William Hurley was born July 9, 1982 and raised in an orphanage in Culver City, California, although his exact birthplace remains unknown. Growing up, he longed to become a writer, but was somewhat reticent to show anyone else his work. He shelved the idea for a long time, taking time to pursue his other hobby of taking old televisions, radios, and computers apart. His aptitude for grasping the mechanics of how things work made him a natural for the burgeoning field of computers; later he attended the University of Southern California and received a master's degree in computer science. Hurley was offered several jobs, but decided on a post as a computer engineer in his native Culver City.

His employment there was less than six months old when he began to take more of an active role in his first love: writing. Following a chance viewing of a new play in Los Angeles, he began frequenting playhouses that offered more than the standard fare of soft comedies and melodramas, some specializing in the avant-garde and some devoted to nothing but world premieres. At the New Playwrights Foundation Hurley met writer and director Vitaly Sumin and his career path changed.